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Men/Boys Jewellery
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Beautiful Full Black & White Unisex Crystal Shamballa Necklace.

Lovely White And Black Crystal Shamballa Necklace Hand made from a blend of 31 10mm black and whi..


Black And Gold Unisex Crystal Bracelet

 Black and gold bracelet that looks Amazing for you. Crystal Bracelet Black and gold U..


Black And Gold Unisex Fashion Crystal Necklace

New 35 Ball Black and gold Crystal Necklace that leaves you full of style! -Black and gold ..


Black and Silver Unisex Crystal Swarovski Shamballa Necklace,Bracelet And Earrings Set

New! First to have in the UK Get a set- Necklace, earings and Bracelet leaving yourself looking m..


Black And Silver White Unisex Crystal Ball Shamballa Necklace

Black And White Crystal Ball Necklace   Constructed from 13 10mm black and silver wh..


Full Swarovski Crystal Black And Silver/White Shamballa Necklace

Enjoy glamorous sparkle with this Full Swarovski Crystal Black And Silver/White Shamballa Necklace ...


Threaded Black & Gunmetal Crystal Shamballa Bracelet

Flaunted on the wrists of celebrities, Shamballa bracelets are the very latest fashion craze to s..